Get ready for NIS 2 with us

Save time and resources. ComplyCloud helps you comply with NIS 2. Get assistance in identifying requirements faster and automate your documentation.

NIS 2 imposes more cybersecurity requirements

NIS 2 and cybersecurity—start now

NIS 2 focuses on cybersecurity, which is essential for all businesses. By strengthening your cybersecurity, you simultaneously prepare for NIS 2 and vice versa. By taking proactive steps today, you ensure both legal compliance and reinforce your cybersecurity—both protect your business.

NIS 2 requirements

Basic cyber hygiene practices and cybersecurity training

Policies on risk analysis and information system security

Policies and procedures regarding the use of cryptography and encryption

Security in network and information systems acquisition, development and maintenance

Supply chain security

Business continuity, such as backup management and disaster recovery, and crisis management

Incident handling

Human resources security, access control policies and asset management

Policies and procedures to assess the effectiveness of cybersecurity risk-management measures

Strengthen the bottom line with NIS 2

Focus on growth, not legal challenges. ComplyCloud takes care of risk assessments, controls, and the necessary documentation. Let us help you navigate the NIS 2 requirements so you can focus on your business.

Over 1,000 Danish companies are expected to have to comply with NIS 2, and even more must comply with the rules due to customer requirements. NIS 2 must be complied with throughout the supply chain, so it’s a good idea to start the compliance journey now and ensure that you can continue to enter into customer agreements.

We have previously written a blog post about NIS 2 and what you should have on your radar. Click the button below to read more.


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