NIEUW: Gratis AI-compliance tool.

Task management and collaboration

Effortless compliance management and seamless collaboration

Compliance is a continuous journey. With our annual cycle of work, achieving and maintaining the required compliance level has never been easier.

Trusted by companies like yours

“The task management (annual wheel) makes it easy for us to plan and execute our compliance workload. Umbraco has many data processors meaning easy management and overview are essential.”

Mathias Tøndering

Steward of Reliable Operations (GDPR responsible) at Umbraco A/S

Annual cycle of work

Follow our automated workflow and enjoy the peace of mind that consistent compliance brings. Our annual cycle of work will let you know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, so you keep a high level of compliance without overdoing it.

Foster cross-organizational collaboration with ease

Compliance is a joint effort that requires collaboration with IT, procurement, system owners, and other stakeholders. With ComplyCloud, you get smooth collaboration with all team members, both inside and outside the compliance realm, for a comprehensive approach to your privacy goals.

Efficient compliance delegation

Streamline compliance by easily delegating tasks to the right team members and departments, ensuring the accurate completion of risk assessments, documents, and compliance tasks.

Create your custom tasks

Tailor activities to your specific needs and create custom tasks and connect them to documents, risks, vendors and IT systems.

Pass audits

Our legal team continuously updates the annual cycle of work based on changes to regulations and practices to enable you to pass internal and external audits.

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Don’t just take it from us

Meet Citelum

“We came across ComplyCloud, which for us seemed like a really good way of just, addressing the fact that we didn’t have the resources internally to manage GDPR, to the extent that we wanted to. This was a way of reaching compliance with their support and minimizing really, the effort, time, that had to go into it, on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. The software allows you to do all of these things, very cleverly, very quickly, But also, there are humans behind it.”


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