NIEUW: Gratis AI-compliance tool.

Risk Management

Efficiently manage and navigate your risks

No need for countless spreadsheets or long documents. Our pre-made content saves you time. ComplyCloud’s risk management solution uses the ISO 27005 risk assessment guidelines and methodology and meets the criteria for major standards like ISO 27001, ISAE 3000, GDPR, and NIS2. 

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Complete risk assessments up to 90% faster

Skip the hassle of inventing threats, risks, and security measures from scratch. ComplyCloud updates its threat and risk catalogue based on ENISA’s recommendations, and we’ve provided tons of pre-made content to make your job easy. This way, you can focus on addressing the real risks and threats effectively.

Asset-based risk assessments

Begin with straightforward, high-level risk assessments to categorize and prioritize your critical and vulnerable assets. Quickly add assets and make informed decisions on risk and threat prioritization.

Threat-based risk assessments

Assess risks by evaluating threats and assign security measures directly to each threat and asset. The end goal is to achieve the right security level with implemented security measures, and our threat-based risk assessments provide the clarity needed to reach this objective.

Foster collaborative risk management

Establish accountability by designating individuals responsible for specific risks and distributing risk management tasks across your organization.

AI-powered suggestions

Use the power of ComplyCloud AI to automate the heavy lifting when assessing risks for data subjects or your organization.

Customize your risk management

If you’re advanced in the risk management field and wish to tailor your approach, ComplyCloud has you covered. We offer the flexibility to customize the system with your preferred frameworks and internal practices, allowing you to adapt the catalogs for threats, risks, security measures, and more. 

Vendors and systems risk overview 

Obtain a comprehensive view of risk levels for all your vendors and systems with a single click. This allows you to easily connect your processes, maintain an overview, and prioritize your tasks. 

Learn more about vendor and systems management here.  

Document your risk management

Achieving compliance requires well-documented risk management policies, assessments, and mitigation strategies. ComplyCloud empowers you to quickly generate policies, obtain a concise risk overview, and produce custom risk assessments and mitigation plans in preparation for potential audits.

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Meet Citelum

“We came across ComplyCloud, which for us seemed like a really good way of just, addressing the fact that we didn’t have the resources internally to manage GDPR, to the extent that we wanted to. This was a way of reaching compliance with their support and minimizing really, the effort, time, that had to go into it, on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. The software allows you to do all of these things, very cleverly, very quickly, But also, there are humans behind it.”


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