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Unlocking GDPR: A Practical Webinar on Data Transfers and Security

Jakob Krabbe

Lead Legal Engineer at ComplyCloud

Nina-Sophie Sczepurek

COO at leitzcloud by vBoxx, Germany

Welcome to a comprehensive webinar hosted by ComplyCloud in collaboration with leitzcloud by vBoxx. Join us as we explore the intricate landscape of GDPR, delving into how you protect personal data well enough to comply with the law, especially when you use suppliers to process your personal data for you.


About the Webinar

Data security is by far the topic where non-compliance has led to the most fines. At the same time, it is considered by many to be one of the most difficult topics in GDPR. But it doesn’t actually have to be that hard again. In this webinar, we make data security and risk assessments easy.



Webinar Topics

The webinar will cover topics like:


  • What does the term “data security” mean and what is its purpose?


  • Risk assessment: Not an end in itself – it is a means to achieve the right level of data security


  • Understand risk assessments through a metaphor of a fish in a blender


  • How can you manage the data security when you transfer data to processors and other vendors


  • Follow my data: Assessing the storage, hosting and data location


  • The real costs of GDPR – why your compliance is key


  • Immediate Recovery: Strategies for Backup and Restore Excellence


  • Use Cases


We’re looking foward to seeing you online and focus on all you need to know about data transfers and security



Meet your speakers

Nina-Sophie Sczepurek , COO at leitzcloud by vBoxx, Germany

leitzcloud by vBoxx is a German business cloud storage for companies of any size. They provide a highly secure storage, sync and share solution for smart and secure business collaboration. Data Protection and Privacy First: They are fully ISO/ GDPR compliant and your data is stored georedundantly on their own infrastructure without third party involvement in German data centers. Maximum security and flexible content management with leitzcloud.


Jakob Krabbe, Lead Legal Engineer at ComplyCloud, Denmark

Jakob is a legal consultant with 5 years of experience in compliance. Apart from cybersecurity, his expertise covers GDPR and regulation of AI. He therefore brings well-versed in-house expertise to the table in ComplyCloud – a full-service SaaS platform for data protection and IT security compliance. It combines legal expertise and software, designed to give peace of mind through automated, simplified, and transparent compliance management.

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