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AI Act: Everything you need to know right now about the EU's regulation on AI

Martin Folke Vasehus

Founder & CEO at ComplyCloud

Bart Schermer

Founder & Partner at Considerati

More about the webinar

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes a more integrated part of our work, the EU adopted a regulation with rules for the development and use of artificial intelligence on December 8, 2023. This regulation is popularly known as the AI Act.


With the regulation, the EU aims to help businesses reap the benefits of artificial intelligence while also limiting or prohibiting specific forms of artificial intelligence that may be problematic or directly harmful.


But what does the regulation mean for your company? And how can you best prepare for the regulation, which we have not yet seen in its final version?


Your hosts, Bart Schermer, founder and partner at Considerati and Martin Folke Vasehus, founder and lawyer at ComplyCloud, will enlighten you on these matters in this webinar collaboration.

In the webinar, you will get answers to:


  • What is the AI Act and when does it come into effect?
  • How can an organization be subject to the AI Act, and what obligations do you have?
  • What are the sanctions if you do not comply with the rules?
  • Practical steps for AI Governance
  • AI Gap Analyses
  • The role of the AI Officer and Privacy Officer


Meet your speakers

Bart Schermer, Founder and Partner at Considerati in the Netherlands.


Bart is a leading expert on Privacy and ICT law in the Netherlands. He advises multinationals and governments on a range of privacy topics. Bart holds a doctorate in law and wrote his PhD thesis on the privacy aspects of the use of artificial intelligence for law enforcement purposes. Apart from his work at Considerati, Bart is professor at the University of Leiden, Faculty of Law (eLaw research group) and publishes on a range of subjects in (international) journals and newspapers and regularly acts as an expert in Dutch media. 

Martin F. Vasehus, Founder and CEO of ComplyCloud in Denmark.

Martin is a trained lawyer, and he is passionate about LegalTech. In 2017, he founded ComplyCloud, a full-service SaaS platform that helps businesses with data protection and compliance with IT security, combined with legal expertise – designed to provide peace of mind through automated, simplified, and transparent compliance management.

Today, ComplyCloud has over 600 customers, including Denmark’s largest football stadium (Parken) and one of the leading retailers in household goods (Imerco).

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