Transfer Impact Assessments (TIA)

Keep track of your third-country transfers. Make easy, fast, and cheap Transfer Impact Assessments(TIA) directly in ComplyCloud’s software – even without buying a full license package.

Make Transfer Impact Assessments (TIA) easy, fast, and cheap

After the Schrems II judgment, it has become mandatory to produce TIA’s. The assessments must document that the level of protection in the third countries, to which you transfer personal data, is on the same level as what is provided by the GDPR in Europe. You must create a TIA for each IT and hosting provider you utilize, and for each country, you are transferring data. It takes up a lot of time – and it is not an easy task. It is not uncommon that a single TIA cost up to DKK 100,000 in legal hours. 

With ComplyCloud, it is possible to make a TIA in as little as 30 minutes, and the software can make an automatic risk assessment for currently 13 countries – and we keep adding more. A TIA is prepared by filling out a questionnaire, and once you have pressed ‘COMPLETE’, you have the mandatory documentation in your hand. You achieve significant savings in both time and money – and it all takes place in the market’s leading compliance tool, which is built with legal expertise where both technical and legal support is available. 

Watch how to make a TIA with ComplyCloud

In this video, we show you how to make Transfer Impact assessments in ComplyCloud by clicking your way through our questionnaire. You do not need to be licensed for the entire ComplyCloud software. You can just buy access to our TIA. 

See how to create TIA’s in ComplyCloud right here: 

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It's even easier to make a TIA with ComplyCloud than what the video shows:

You can get an automatic risk assessment of the recipient country with a simple process in ComplyCloud’s TIA. 

Having to carry out a thorough examination of the legislation of the recipient country and assessing it in the light of the four essential European guarantees is both a time-consuming and difficult task to undertake. This task is made even easier with ComplyCloud. You can have the assessment automatically made for the following countries: 

India, China, Ukraine, Mexico, Philippines, Brazil, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Russia, Pakistan 

This way we boil down one of the biggest challenges that the Schrems II judgment has created to a few clicks. 

There are essentially two ways you can make TIA’s

You can leave it to a lawyer to prepare the legal documentation. It takes up to 15 hours per. TIA, or

You can create them directly in the ComplyCloud software. It takes down to half an hour per TIA.

How to access ComplyCloud’s TIA

If you have a license for the entire GDPR solution, you automatically have TIA with you as part of the complete package. It does not cost extra and there is no limit to how many TIA’s you can make. 

It is possible to access ComplyCloud’s TIA without having to purchase a license for the entire GDPR solution. With a ComplyCloud TIA license, you can create all the TIAs you need. There are no restrictions to the number of TIA’s you make. 


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We regularly host webinars and publish material on third-country transfers and TIA. See a selection here. 

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