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Whistleblower software

Easily comply with all major whistleblowing regulations for just €69/month.

Manage whistleblowing cases professionally and trustworthy. It’s simple, cost-efficient, and secure.

Get a compliant and trustworthy whistleblower solution and manage cases professionally

With ComplyCloud, you can easily and fast get a compliant and professional whistleblower solution that helps you build trust with your employees and staying on top of potential cases with overview and sound reporting.

Cover the EU Whistleblowing Guidelines with ease

Anonymity For Whistleblowers

ComplyCloud provides an anonymous reporting channel to communicate with any stakeholder – making them feel comfortable to report any concerns.

Maximum Security

With end-to-end encryption, access controls, ISO 27001 servers, and more, you can be confident that the only people with access to your data are you.

Easy To Use

ComplyCloud is a user-friendly whistleblowing system for the 21st century. Employees require no training or consulting to use it.

Fast Setup

Schedule a demo and have everything set up today – with no consulting upsells or lengthy sales process.

Customizable Case Management

Suitable for companies of all sizes and configurable to deal with any forms of misconduct reporting.

Multi-language Support

We support 18 different languages with more being added all the time.

Easy to set up and simple to manage

Get Your Link

ComplyCloud will provide a URL for your company where employees and stakeholders can make anonymous reports – all you have to do is share the link.

Commonly this is done via your company’s intranet or via bulk-email.

Invite Case Handlers

After signing up to ComplyCloud, you can invite internal case handlers to join via email.

After they create a password, they can start receiving submissions.

Start Receiving Submissions

Any employee or stakeholder can now visit your site and submit completely anonymous reports.

For any follow-up questions, a separate URL will be provided so you can continue the conversation.

See how it works, and get setup and running today

Highest standards for security and anonymization

It is paramount to secure full anonymization and build trust with end-users reporting a whistleblower case. Our solution ensures best practice and market leading encryption and security. And it’s communicated in plain language to the end-user to build trust.

Easy and transparent case management and cooperation

You can easily get overview and act on whistleblower cases and create reporting on your compliance. Some whistleblower cases will require involvement of third-parties such as lawyers or auditors, and our solution ensures easy and secure sharing of information with such third-parties to promote collaboration.

See it in action

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Ensure full compliance with all major whistleblowing laws

With our solution, you will by default and without further ado comply with all the major whistleblowing laws.


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