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The AI Act

Secure your ability to use AI in a compliant way

The Artificial Intelligence Act has the potential to become the worldwide benchmark for AI compliance, just like GDPR has become for data protection. Getting ahead of compliance with the AI Act secures the right and maximum room for maneuvering in the ever-changing world of AI.

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Stay ahead of future AI regulations

Navigate the upcoming Artificial Intelligence Act with ease by taking advantage of ComplyCloud’s streamlined approach to mapping, risk assessment, and document creation. 

How do you comply with a brand-new regulation?

Just like GDPR, NIS2 and the like, the AI Act generally requires you to:

  • Map your AI assets and classify the risk level
  • Draft mandatory documentation and inform individuals
  • Monitor and maintain

With ComplyCloud, you can connect and reuse assets and components from complying with other frameworks, so you don’t have to do things twice.

The AI Act is risk-based

Just like the GDPR, the AI Act requires a risk-based approach where the need for documents and assessments is determined by the risk of each AI asset. At ComplyCloud, we have made it easy for you to map and risk assess your AI assets. This ensures the right overview and start on your AI Act compliance.

Create high-quality assessments and documentation with ease

ComplyCloud’s innovative features simply guide you through a series of questions, allowing you to create all mandatory assessments and documents with ease and like a seasoned lawyer. Behind the scenes, our award-winning algorithmic logic tailors the documents to your specific business needs.

All your tasks and compliance documentation, centralized

You shouldn’t have your compliance and audit documentation in different places. Keep all your tasks, controls, and documentation in one place with complete overview.

Automated tasks and controls

All your mandatory tasks and controls will automatically be scoped and published so you have a full overview.

All necessary materials to document compliance

When you complete your tasks, we automatically produce the material necessary for audit, including legal assessments and all documentation.

Automated log files and audit trail

All controls and tasks are automatically logged and secured. You can easily enrich the log files with your own supporting material and tag them against documentation, assets, or vendors.

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Meet Citelum

“We came across ComplyCloud, which for us seemed like a really good way of just, addressing the fact that we didn’t have the resources internally to manage GDPR, to the extent that we wanted to. This was a way of reaching compliance with their support and minimizing really, the effort, time, that had to go into it, on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. The software allows you to do all of these things, very cleverly, very quickly, But also, there are humans behind it.”


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