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ISO 27001

Automate your ISO 27001 compliance

Complying with ISO 27001 demonstrates your organization’s abilities within information security. With ComplyCloud, both implementation and audit work seamlessly and efficient.

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Our ISMS with automation and pre-filled suggestions will do the trick

You never start your work from blank page. We provide pre-filled lists and suggestions to threats, risks, suitable security measures etc., all in accordance with ENISA’s taxonomy and best practices. This ensures high efficiency and fewer manual flows.

All-in-one output for audits

You can easily export reports and materials from ComplyCloud with automatically generated documentation relating to all control areas of ISO 27001. Supporting documents, controls, and log files can easily be collected and shared. Any other requests regarding records, data locations, and more can easily be exported and shown to secure trust and smooth audit.

ComplyCloud’s simple playbook for implementation of ISO 27001, all supported with automation

1. Obtain management support

2. Determine scope with Statement of Applicability

3. Define and draft information security policy

4. Adapt risk management methodology and prioritize your risks and threats

5. Define, list and connect your assets

6. Risk assess your assets

7. Treat your risks with appropriate measures

8. Measure and evaluate with reports

9. Adapt and improve

10. Certification or re-certification audit

All your tasks and compliance documentation, centralized

You shouldn’t have your compliance and audit documentation in different places. With ComplyCloud, you will have all your tasks, controls, and documentation in one place with complete overview.

All-in-one compliance automation

Create your policies, train your employees, manage your tasks and controls, and manage risks. All in one platform.

Dedicated support

We have both our own experts and strong external partnerships to ensure that you never get stuck in neither implementation nor audit.

Automated ongoing controls

Ensure you have the right controls in place to maintain compliance with our automated annual cycle of work for ISO 27001.

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Meet Citelum

“We came across ComplyCloud, which for us seemed like a really good way of just, addressing the fact that we didn’t have the resources internally to manage GDPR, to the extent that we wanted to. This was a way of reaching compliance with their support and minimizing really, the effort, time, that had to go into it, on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. The software allows you to do all of these things, very cleverly, very quickly, But also, there are humans behind it.”


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