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ISAE 3000

The fast and trusted way to get an ISAE 3000 audit report

ISAE 3000 is one of the most sought-after data protection frameworks for organizations acting as data processors. ISAE 3000 attestation demonstrates your organization’s ability to keep customer and client data secure and can be shared with data controllers to help them.

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“The biggest gain is that we are no longer in doubt about being GDPR compliant. Deloitte has just conducted a flawless ISAE3000 audit on Bizbrains, and ComplyCloud has greatly contributed to this.”

Karsten Markmann

IT Manager at BizBrains

3 ComplyCloud highlights that'll give you a spotless ISAE 3000 audit

All-in-one compliance automation

Create your policies, train your employees, secure your cloud, and manage risks all-in-one platform.

Dedicated support

Make sure you get through your ISAE 3000 audit in good manner with guidance from our team of experts, consisting of lawyers and information security specialists.

Automated ongoing controls

Ensure you have the right controls in place to maintain compliance with our automated annual cycle of work.

All-in-one output for audits

You can easily export a report from ComplyCloud with automatically generated responses to all control areas of ISAE 3000 and with inserted links to all your documents, controls, and log files. Any other requests regarding records, data locations and more can easily be exported and shown to secure trust.

The typical overall control areas outlined in an ISAE 3000 report:

Control areas

ComplyCloud's help

A: Overall procedures and controls

Automatically generated and maintained and pushed as tasks. Automated log files of all tasks and connected documents.

B: Adequate and agreed technical security measures

Documentation of security measures and controls are generated automatically. You just screen dump technical documentation.

C: Adequate and agreed organizational security measures

Documentation of security measures and controls are generated automatically. You just screen dump documentation.

D: Policies and procedures for erasure and/or return of data

Policies and procedures for erasure and return of data are automatically generated. Erasure controls are automatically pushed to document action.

E: Processing activities and location

Records of processing activities and locations is automatically made and can easily be maintained and shared.

F: Sub-processing

Sub-processors are automatically mapped and well-documented.

G: International transfers

Automated overview of data locations and the option to document legal transfers with well-tested transfer impact assessments.

H: The processor’s assistance to the controllers

Automated documents and outputs of all data subject requests and DPIAs made as assistance to the controllers.

I: Personal data breaches

Procedures and controls are all made and maintained automatically and a full log of breaches and any responses to data subjects or authorities can be shared.

For next year’s type II audit report

ComplyCloud’s annual cycle of work automatically makes sure that you follow your ongoing tasks, document controls and update all written procedures and policies.

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“We came across ComplyCloud, which for us seemed like a really good way of just, addressing the fact that we didn’t have the resources internally to manage GDPR, to the extent that we wanted to. This was a way of reaching compliance with their support and minimizing really, the effort, time, that had to go into it, on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. The software allows you to do all of these things, very cleverly, very quickly, But also, there are humans behind it.”


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