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More than 88% of all data breaches were caused by an employee mistake*!? You can reduce this risk substantially with training and awareness.

*Study from 2020 called “Psychology of Human Error”, by Stanford University, published in CISO Magazine

Fun GDPR E-learning

Powered by a house of the leading GPDR lawyers in the Nordics, we’ve created a fun and engaging GDPR training program to educate true GDPR heroes.

We know that GDPR training doesn’t have to be boring or even too complex. We believe that simplicity and fun are powerful tools towards making Privacy and GDPR training that actually sticks.

Why choose ComplyHero GDPR training?

Fun and engaging

It’s a fun and engaging training. The GDPR courses are built to set the user at the center of a story that resembles their own reality. The content is humorous and built around a hero- and pop-art theme.

Made by legal experts

It's created by experts. The courses are designed by skilled and experienced lawyers. That gives you the best GDPR education possible.

Simple and user-friendly

It's simple and user-friendly! The courses are ready to start plug’n’play – without any configurations or customizations.


All GDPR courses are built with short explainer-videos to simulate real-life situations, short and sweet knowledge tests and automated feedback on both wrong and correct answers.

We renew the course material each year to focus on the right threats and the newest practice. Lean back and know that your training is future proof.

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It is mandatory to train all employees in GDPR. We have designed our program to provide you with training that suits the legal obligation. Our courses follow the most sought-after standards in ENISA’s (EU agency, European Network and Information Security Agency) recommendations on what to focus on when training employees.


Join the good guys – let your employees become GDPR heroes today!

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