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Discover how you can grow your business by turning compliance challenges into opportunities.

To help as many businesses as possible, we partner with IT outsourcing companies, Legal and IT consultancies, law and accounting firms.

A partnership with ComplyCloud can help you attract new customers, retain existing ones, and strengthen your competitive edge in the market.

Benefits of being a ComplyCloud partner

Introduce new revenue streams:

Leverage ComplyCloud’s technology to create additional revenue channels by offering compliance-as-a-service. Our platform gives rich opportunity to sell services and bundle with your existing offering.

Expand services for existing clients:

Enhance your current service offerings with advanced compliance solutions, providing additional value and strengthening relationships with your customers.

Attract new clients:

Offer compliance solutions to appeal to a new segment of clients who prioritize regulatory adherence, expanding your customer base.

Add a competitive edge & maintain position as trusted advisor

Provide superior compliance solutions that sets you apart from competitors, delivering greater value and trust to your customers. ComplyCloud will do all the boring desk and documentation tasks, you will do all the business-related and hands-on tasks to further strengthen your position as trusted advisor.

Easy to scale and apply:

Implement scalable compliance solutions that grows with your business, ensuring seamless adaptation as your company expands.

Best pricing terms:

Offer your customers the best price on the market for the best compliance SaaS.

Partner enablement

We are dedicated to  your success and ensure you maximize the benefits of being a ComplyCloud partner. From the initial setup to ongoing support, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Product onboarding & customisation

We ensure you are thoroughly familiar with our software, providing comprehensive training to get you quickly up and running. You can customize a “master account” to set up your preferred work methodology, so you can easily set up new clients and show them value.

Sales training

Access ready-to-use sales materials and receive training to effectively promote and sell our compliance services.

Priority customer success and support

We assign you with a dedicated customer success manager and priority support, so you never get stuck and are always taken care of.

Business development

We help you recognize the business opportunities our partnership offers and keep you informed of industry trends and product updates on an ongoing basis.

Co-Marketing opportunities

Collaborate on thought leadership pieces, blogs, and webinars to jointly market our expertise and solutions.

Interested in learning more about our partnerships?

Let’s have a chat on how we could join forces together and grow each other’s businesses. Complete the form and we will get back to you very soon!

"We use ComplyCloud to manage our GDPR compliance. We appreciate the overview we are getting regarding our GDPR documents and tasks."
"Our customers require, among other things, that we can provide an audit statement, and ComplyCloud helps us with that as well. It’s handled quickly and efficiently within the software, significantly reducing costs, especially compared to if we were to try to handle it ourselves."
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"The collaboration with ComplyCloud benefits us on all levels of our GDPR compliance effort. They have high GDPR expertise augmented by an excellent app covering all our needs."
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