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About Odense Renovation

Odense Renovation is a waste management company specializing in the collection, transportation, and treatment of waste from both private households and businesses in the local area. Their daily operations include waste and recycling methods with a focus on sustainability. Odense Renovation is a non-profit organization that operates on fee-based funding. This means that the funds they collect go directly to support the operation of their service.

Odense Renovation goes digital

As Head of IT and Digitisation at Odense Renovation and daily manager of the IT department, Michael Mather and his four colleagues work to digitize and streamline their services in the best possible way.


The business benefit of digitization is a strong driver for many companies, including Odense Renovation.


However, the growing digital landscape also makes many companies vulnerable to cyber-attacks, which in worst-case scenarios can bring our everyday lives and society to a standstill. The NIS2 Directive is a result of this threat landscape – and applies to companies like Odense Renovation.

Odense Renovation is in the process of going digital. As a publicly owned company with a focus on waste management and recycling, we have a goal to digitize our services as much as possible to give customers greater self-service options. Anyone who has experienced the transition to digital can probably agree that it’s exciting to be a part of.

Michael Mather

Head of IT and Digitisation at Odense Renovation

When NIS2 came knocking on the door

When the EU introduced the NIS2 Directive in 2022 with an expanded scope of critical infrastructure, the directive also included the waste industry. As a result, Odense Renovation began to take a closer look at their systems and processes:

The process started when it became clear that we were also affected by the NIS2 Directive. We had to look at where we stood, what we were already doing and what we needed to invest in to meet the new NIS2 requirements.

Michael Mather

The challenge for Odense Renovation was to navigate the new, complex regulations and ensure that they could start preparing for NIS2 in the most secure and cost-effective, yet trustworthy way.

The NIS2 Directive aims to protect critical infrastructure and EU citizens from cyber attacks. In doing so, NIS2 sets out a series of minimum requirements to strengthen cybersecurity in the EU.

The benefit of gathering compliance in one place

In the early stages of consideration, there was little information and guidance related to the NIS2 Directive. However, Michael Mather was convinced that Odense Renovation needed an external supplier to support the preparatory work.


Odense Renovation were already happy users of ComplyCloud’s GDPR module and were therefore immediately curious to explore the possibilities of a similar solution for NIS2 in the same place.

ComplyCloud was quick of the mark with an NIS2 solution, so I thought it was obvious to have all compliance work in one platform that we already knew.

Michael Mather

It was therefore an obvious opportunity to carry on with something where Odense Renovation felt ‘at home’, and which already solved several compliance tasks in the organization.


In addition, Odense Renovation were not specialists in either GDPR or NIS2, so Michael Mathers also felt that it was unnecessary to invent something that already existed.

Compliance – made simple and clear

Michael Mathers believes that ComplyCloud makes GDPR and NIS2 simple on several parameters:

The great thing about ComplyCloud is that it’s very template-based and all legal documentation is in one place.

Michael Mather

It helps Michael Mathers and the team that an annual cycle of work automatically ‘pushes’ tasks on an ongoing basis, so they always follow up on compliance in time.


For example, a couple of times a month, the IT team is assigned tasks to follow up on various documents. Michael Mather sees this as a great help, as it can be difficult to set aside time to solve compliance tasks:

Compliance can be difficult and can quickly become a time waster. At ComplyCloud, the annual cycle of work helps bring it all together, so you get it done at the same time – and that’s where I think the tool adds a lot of value.”

Michael Mather

Saving time and money on compliance documents

There were two factors in the decision to implement ComplyCloud that were of great value to Odense Renovation:


They felt that they were getting value for money, and the fact that there were lawyers behind the product gave them great peace of mind. Among other things, this meant that Odense Renovation did not have to keep themselves updated on changes in legislation.


The solution has also made it easy for them to show the documentation to the board and the CEO, which has helped strengthen trust and understanding of their compliance processes. The automated document templates have also saved them time and money, as Michael Mathers concludes:

It’s very important to us that we can rely on ComplyCloud’s document templates. It means we don’t have to invent or guess at anything, and ComplyCloud saves us from having to buy consulting hours.

Michael Mather

Want to learn more about how we can also help your organization become NIS2 compliant before the NIS2 Directive is implemented by law in October 2024? Let’s set you up with one of our experts.


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