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AI-powered compliance

ComplyCloud AI

Introducing ComplyCloud AI – a new way of automating tedious compliance tasks. From creating risk assessments to analyzing Data Processing Agreements – ComplyCloud has your back.

AI-driven risk assessments

Stop wasting time on individual asset risk assessments, which can leave you uncertain about what information to document. Let ComplyCloud AI automate the process, providing you with confidence in conducting accurate risk assessments quickly and efficiently.

Risk descriptions

Generate risk descriptions in seconds

ComplyCloud AI makes describing risks associated with your assets simple and fast. Whether you prefer to trust the AI’s analysis or fine-tune the descriptions to better fit your requirements, our platform allows you to do so.

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Risk scenarios

Autogenerate risk scenarios

Easily describe potential risk scenarios that could harm your IT systems. Tailored to your specific IT system, ComplyCloud AI proposes plausible and frequently occurring risks associated with its usage.


Automatically make threat summaries

Simplify the process of summarizing threats that could be used to target your organization’s assets. Whether it’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities or compliance risks, ComplyCloud AI will autoganerate the text and summarize the threats for you.

Security controls

Summarize your security measures

With just a few clicks, you can insert your organization’s security controls, for specific assets, and receive a concise and comprehensive security description, providing you with a clear overview of your security measures.

Automated DPA analysis

Don’t waste time browsing Data Processing Agreements for key information to determine if an IT system is safe to use. Let ComplyCloud AI work its magic for you with automated DPA Analysis.

DPA Analysis (Beta)

Upload and analyze Data Processing Agreements

ComplyCloud AI scans uploaded DPAs and extracts key elements such as types of personal data, data subjects and more, and adds it to individual vendor profiles. This allows you to focus on the more complex task of assessing the risk of sharing data with your vendors and identifying necessary security controls.

More AI features coming soon

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ComplyCloud is committed to building AI products safely and responsibly.

In today’s fast-paced world, a future-proof compliance strategy demands tools that are accessible, user-friendly, and secure. That’s why we’re proud to announce the integration of AI technology into our platform. We understand the legal and ethical complexities surrounding AI adoption in compliance management and are dedicated to navigating these challenges with caution and balance.

ComplyCloud has chosen to work with Azure OpenAI, by Microsoft, for our AI capabilities. Azure OpenAI offers the best of both worlds by running the same models as OpenAI (mostly known from ChatGPT), with the security capabilities of Microsoft Azure.

Furthermore, here’s how we safeguard your data when using ComplyCloud AI:

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No data usage for training: Neither your input, nor the output that the AI model generates is used for improving AI models. This also means that any data you process with ComplyCloud AI cannot become available to anyone else through use of the AI model.

Your data is not shared with any 3rd parties other than Microsoft when using ComplyCloud AI: The data that is processed with ComplyCloud AI is shared with Microsoft as our sub processor. Note that ComplyCloud also shares data with several other sub processors, which can be consulted in our data processing agreement, for other features.

You’re in control, always: Your Admin in ComplyCloud can choose at any time to turn ComplyCloud AI on or off for the account. In addition, the use of AI is clearly indicated in the platform and for the user to be initiated for the specific use case he or she needs it for. Lastly, any response from ComplyCloud AI is presented to the user to accept/reject before saving it in ComplyCloud.

Frequently asked questions

Our AI features are available to all paying customers. Under “Account settings” you can at any time choose whether you want to have ComplyCloud AI turned on. AI features for Risk Assessments are currently live whilst the DPA analyzer is in Beta.

ComplyCloud has chosen to work with Azure OpenAI Service, by Microsoft, for our AI capabilities. Azure OpenAI Service offers the best of both worlds by running the same models as OpenAI (mostly known from ChatGPT), with the security capabilities of Microsoft Azure.

ComplyCloud AI uses the Azure OpenAI service provided by Microsoft. Whether personal data is shared with Microsoft when you use ComplyCloud AI depends on the specific function you are using. The AI functions in risk assessments and risk scenarios do not process personal data. The DPA analysis shares the uploaded DPA with the Azure OpenAI service. In general, there will be limited personal data in a DPA. However, DPAs often contain information about a contact person and signatures. Microsoft will in this case become a sub-processor for this information.


Although some data is shared with Microsoft, please be aware that the data cannot be used to improve the AI model. This also means that the data you process with ComplyCloud AI cannot be accessed by others through the use of the AI model.

When using ComplyCloud AI, we connect with the Azure OpenAI Service through APIs (Application Programming Interface), which allows two systems to connect. All API access occurs over secure, encrypted connections.


Regarding general security, our platform is subject to external penetration testing at least twice per year to verify that security controls are efficient and working as expected. Our data centers are externally audited and compliant with international data protection standards.


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