Get peace of mind.

We make GDPR simple transparent easy

A combined GDPR expert and project manager at your fingertips

The ComplyCloud software helps you work like a GDPR expert. It generates all your legal documentationIt manages your vendors and systemizes all your GDPR tasks in an annual cycle of work – basically telling you what to do and when to do it.

And it's more than just software – We've got your back!

The software is developed and maintained by leading EU GDPR lawyers, and unlike any other solution, ComplyCloud combines compliance software with GDPR lawyers.  

Do you want your customers to know that you are respecting their privacy?​

By using ComplyCloud software, you can trust that your company will meet and maintain GDPR compliance, providing both assurance and peace of mind for yourself and your customers that their data is being handled with integrity and respect for privacy.

How does it work?


We get you started easily

Together with our legal team, we ensure that you become GDPR compliant. We review, prepare and implement your documentation. Then we get you onboarded to the platform.


Your monthly operations simplified

The annual cycle of work and task manager tells you what to do and when to do it.  When you have completed the tasks, it documents it for you. All documentation is created by simply filling out questionnaires.


Always here to help

Our legal and technical teams are here to help you. We provide legal and technical support.