Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA): With a single step in the TIA you will automatically receive an assessment of the recipient country

Since the EU regulation, Schrems II, you are required to assess the level of protection when transferring data to third countries. The data protection level in the recipient country needs to substantially correspond to the level of protection within EU.

In other words, this demands for your organization to complete a thorough examination of the regulations in the recipient country and assess it in regards to the 4 european essential guaranties, decided by The European Data Protection Board.

The task is both time consuming and difficult and this is why we have helped our customers by guiding them through the assessment in our transfer impacts assessment (TIA). We have made it even easier so you, in one single step in the TIA, can get your assessment for the countries: India, China, Ukraine, Mexico, Phillipines, Brasil, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australien and Russia… and more countries will follow.

Essentially we have boiled down one of the biggest challenges of Schrems II into one single click.

Watch this video on how to make TIAs in ComplyCloud:

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