GDPR Compliance software

A combined GDPR expert and project manager at your fingertips.

The software helps you work like a GDPR lawyer. It generates all your legal documentation. It manages your vendors and systemizes all your GDPR tasks in an annual cycle of work – basically it tells you what to do and when to do it.

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The software delivers all you need to
become and stay GDPR compliant

Records and IT systems​

Get control of your data with a structured and complete overview of your company’s processing activities and IT systems.

Mandatory documentation

Create mandatory documentation with questionnaires. Based on your input the software generates full legal documentation – as if you had asked a lawyer to do it.

Vendor management

Get a complete overview of your vendors. Create data processor agreements and continuously audit these these by sending out audit forms.

Internal audits​

Do mandatory self-audits by filling out questionnaires. The system documents everything for you.

Getting you started


Together with our legal team, we ensure that you become GDPR compliant. We review, prepare and implement your documentation. We help you with the platform’s onboarding process.

Your monthly operations

The annual cycle of work tells you what to do and when to do it.  And once you have completed the tasks, it documents it for you – as per requirement.

All the documentation is done by simply filling out questionnaires.

Free support

Our legal and technical teams are here to help you. We provide free legal and technical support.

Pick and mix

The compliance software is designed to cover you across GDPR requirements, but you can also buy or add these these products separately.

Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA)

Keep track of your third country transfers

NB: TIA also included in the full license
buy separately

ISO 27001

If you need a ISO 27001 control report please contact us for more information.


CIS 18 controls

If you need a CIS 18 control report please contact us for more information.



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